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Home visits

Home visits


Home visits



Home visits from doctors have existed since the beginnings of medicine, when hospitals didn’t exist. In fact, it’s the oldest consultation type in medicine.


Nowadays, there are many examples for choosing a home visit instead of going to a clinic/hospital:


  • Clinics closed or not available in some location.


  • The patient doesn’t want to go to a clinic for many reasons: it’s not necessary, the patient feel too bad to get there, the patient doesn’t want or it’s not convenient to share the place with other ill persons (i.e.: inmunodepressed patients).


  • The patient is travelling around and going to a clinic/hospital may suppose a lot of time, etc.


Home visits

Home visits

Home visits

Home visits

How does it work?:


Nowadays, with the help of technology and communications, having a home visit from Doctor Spain is really easy. Here, we explain this simple steps on how a home appointment visit can be made:



1) The patient calls or message us to our call center (tel: +34 600 88 85 58).


2) We ask him/her about his health problem and his/her location.


3) We ask the patient for his permission to keep his information in our system according to Spanish and European laws (Name, Age, Gender, Date of birth, ID type and number, Address, Telephone number, Email, etc.).


4) We call our local health provider in that area and determine if we can make a home visit there, and at what time that day, or the following day it can be made.


5) In case we can do it, we propose a time for the home visit, and an approximate basic price for the home visit. This price includes the home visit and prescriptions (it doesn’t include tests, injections, or other procedures that may be needed, which go on top of the basic price).


6) If the patients agrees for the time and price proposed (it may vary within regions/distance), the doctor goes to his place (house/hotel) at the time agreed.

We always ask for a margin of 1 hour due to possible emergencies, traffic jams, problems to park in the area, etc., that could happen.

Before the doctor goes to the patient’s place, we confirm that the patient is there to wait for him/her.


7) In case we can’t get to the patient’s location, or it’s not necessary because the problem can be solved with a video-consultation, we offer it to the patient.


8) Once the doctor arrives at the patient place, or before the start in the case of telematic consultations, we send through Santander Bank GetNet, a payment link to the patient’s email.


9) As soon as possible after the patient is diagnosed and a treatment is established, the doctor writes a report that will be sent by email along with the invoice, so as the patient can claim it back from his/her insurance. Both of them come in the email as PDF attached files. The Medical Report will be protected by a password as it’s explained in the email. 

Note: Sometimes you need to check your Spam folder to find it, as your email provider could not recognise our email as a familiar one for you.


10) If anything goes wrong (i.e.: the pharmacy doesn’t have the prescribed medication, or if it’s an old pharmacy that doesn’t work with electronic prescriptions), we’re always here to help you, in our working hours from 08:00 to 20:00. You just need to call us or send us a WhatsApp so we can help you with any issue that may occur. 


Home visits




When a home visit is made, or in the case of telematic consultations, we use the GetNet system of Santader Bank for payments, where you can pay with your credit/debit card in a secure way.

In these cases, a payment link will be sent to your email from the GetNet secure server platform from Santander Bank, the biggest and most important bank of Spain.

You just need to follow some simple steps there, as in any internet payment case is done.


Payments Doctor Spain


Sometimes some credit cards/ banks need a confirmation by SMS, so it’s important that the patient knows how his/her card works with his bank, his PIN number, and have a connection to a phone network.


This is the only remote payment way we accept (we don’t use paypal or bank transfers).


See more information on payments.


Home visits Home visits

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